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Häny MCM-2000 – suspension mixing plant / Suspensions-Mischanlage

ID: 1887
year/Baujahr: 1998

ID1887 Häny MCM-2000 year/Baujahr 1998 Mixing plant Häny MCM-2000, with 80 cbm solid silo manufactured by Stanelle, 2 x cement screw conveyors. The mixing plant was in this configuration as a unit on the way and was used for the …

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ORU – concrete mixing plant with silo / Betonmischer mit Silo

ID: 1759

Concrete mixing plant ORU with 500 l drum, semi-automatic with cement silo 20 to and scrapper, in need of repair Betonmischanlage ORU  mit 500 l Trommel, halbautomatisch mit Zementsilo 20 to und Schrapper, reparaturbedürftig

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Liebherr/Pemat – Double tower-concrete mixing plant

ID: 1328
year/Baujahr: 1994-2012

Liebherr/Pemat Double tower – concrete mixing plant year 1979/1994-2012 Concrete plant Twin tower plant 1 x 80 t silo, 3 x 60 t silo, 1 x 60 t silo split, rotary distributor and belt distributor, with 2 x concrete recycling; …

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Elba EMC105 – concrete mixing plant / Betonmischanlage

ID: 1497
year/Baujahr: 1992

Elba EMC105 concrete mixing plant, with 4 x silos (3 x 60 t, 1 x 50 t), with star-scraper system, feeder, 2 cbm single-shaft compulsory mixer (capacity up to 100 cbm / h), additive-, cement- and water balance, without compressor, …

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Pemat PM30/750 – Concrete mixing plant / Betonmischanlage

ID: 1367
year/Baujahr: 1995/2000

Concrete mixing plant, plate compulsory mixer (dry filling 750 liters, concrete output per game 0.5 cbm), (about 35 cbm / h), with feed elevator 750 liters, weighing container with rails, 3 dosing units (slide), discharge funnel, 2 x cement screws, …

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