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SBM Remax 1048 E/D – Impact crusher / Prallmühle

ID: 2011
year/Baujahr: 2000
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 4000

ID2011 SBM Remax 1048 E/D – Prallmühle year/Baujahr 2000 approx. 4000 hours/Stunden 33 t Track mobile impact mill, 1060 x 760 mm, with fixed dolly, completely overhauled in 2015 (new engine, new generator, new hydraulics – since then run approx. …

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MFL HIC200 – Impact crusher / Prallbrecher

ID: 1948
year/Baujahr: 1992

ID1948 MFL HIC200 year/Baujahr 1992 Horizontal impact crusher, rotor diameter 1000 mm, 200 KW power Horizontal-Prallbrecher, Rotor-Durchmesser 1000 mm, 200 KW Leistung

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Kleemann + Reiner SHNL8/SH1000 – Impact crusher / Prallmühle

ID: 1641
year/Baujahr: 1985

Impact crusher, with steel frame Prallmühle, mit Stahlgestell

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Keestrack Destroyer 1313 – mobile Impact crusher / mobile Prallmühle

ID: 1564
year/Baujahr: 2014
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 3000
weight/Gewicht (t): 56

Keestrack Destroyer 1313 Impact crusher with 2-deck pre-screen, main output conveyor, Cummins engine (399 KW), with central greasing, water pump for dedusting, fuel pump, with magnet, rescreening unit with oversize grain return, oversize and fine and middle grain conveyor, side …

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SBM 10/6/4 EXP – Impact crusher / Prallmühle

ID: 1546
year/Baujahr: ca. 1998

Impact crusher on steel frame, with E-motor, wearing parts approx. 60 % good Prallmühle auf Stahlgestell, mit E-Motor, Verschleißteile ca. 60 % gut

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SBM 1213 – mobile Impact crusher / Kettenmobile Prallmühle

ID: 1494
year/Baujahr: 2000

Impact crusher on tracks, impact crusher Remax 1213 (1300 mm rotor), with main and side discharge belt, magnetic separator, with Dolly, with electric aggregate (renewed approx. 4500 hours ago), with mobile screening system with main discharge belt, side and return …

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Krupp P100/125 – Impact crusher / Prallmühle

ID: 1459
year/Baujahr: 1996
weight/Gewicht (t): 15

Impact crusher, model with 3 blow bars, capacity approx. 160 t/h, with 110 kW electric motor Prallmühle, Modell mit 3 Schlagleisten, Leistung ca. 160 t/h, mit 110 KW E-Motor

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Mannsberger GL80 – Prallmühle / Impact crusher

ID: 0399

Impact crusher, 800 mm feeding opening, overhauled, new bearings, new lining and wearing parts, without e-motor Prallmühle, 800 mm Einlauföffnung, überholt, neue Lager, neue Innenauskleidung und Verschleißteile, ohne E-Motor

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