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Hitachi ZX170W-5B – mobile excavator / Mobilbagger

ID: 2748
year/Baujahr: 2016
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 4080

ID2748 Hitachi ZX170W-5B year/Baujahr 2016 approx. 4080 hours/Stunden Adjustable boom, blade, no Adblue!, central lubrication, hydr. Quick coupler HS10, 3 buckets (optionally more buckets available) Verstell-Ausleger, Schild, kein Adblue!, Zentralschmierung, hydr. Schnellwechsler HS10, 3 Löffel (optional auch weitere Löffel verfügbar)

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Atlas Copco ROC 830HC – Blast hole drilling rig / Sprenglochbohrgerät

ID: 2747
year/Baujahr: 1994
weight/Gewicht (t): 13,5 t

ID2747 Atlas Copco ROC 830HC year/Baujahr 1994 13,5 t Blast hole drilling rig, working pressure 14 bar, Deutz motor (125 KW), 8 pieces of drill pipe 76.1 x 4000, sink hammer Cop 32, drill bit 90mm Rocket Sprenglochbohrgerät, Arbeitsdruck 14 …

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Liebherr LTR1060 – Teleskopic Crawler crane / Teleskop-Raupenkran

ID: 2746
year/Baujahr: 2015
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 1260

ID2746 Liebherr LTR1060 year/Baujahr 2015 approx. 1260 hours/Stunden 63 t Teleskopic Crawler crane, max. load capacity 60 t, max. lifting height 55 m, max. radius 50 m, Tier 3 engine (Stage IIIA), 30.2 t hook block (3 sheaves), single hook, …

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Hitachi KH230 – hydraulic ram / Hydraulik-Ramme

ID: 2745
year/Baujahr: 1994

ID2745 Hitachi KH230 year/Baujahr 1994 was overhauled in 2012, engine Deutz BF12L513 (284KW) – changed 3000 hours ago, hydraulic pump for drill, hammer and vibrator drive is a 4-stage constant pump with a capacity of 480 liters at 300bar, basic …

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Hamm GRW15 – Rubber wheel roller / Gummiradwalze

ID: 2743
weight/Gewicht (t): 12-24 t

ID2743 Hamm GRW15 Rubber wheel roller Gummiradwalze

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Wirtgen W200 i – asphalt milling machine / Asphaltfräse

ID: 2742
year/Baujahr: 2017
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 6000

ID2742 Wirtgen W200 i year/Baujahr 2017 approx. 6000 hours/Stunden Wirtgen asphalt milling machine, with conveyor belt, with electro-hydr. Protective roof, milling width 2000 mm, milling depth 330 mm, motor 619 KW, automatic leveling system, suction system, monitor system with 2 …

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Wirtgen WS250 – add-on asphalt stabilizer / Asphalt-Anbaustabilisierer

ID: 2741
year/Baujahr: 2014

ID2741 Wirtgen WS250 year/Baujahr 2014 Wirtgen add-on stabilizer WS 250 Wirtgen Anbaustabilisierer WS 250

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Komatsu WA65PT-3H – wheel loader / Radlader

ID: 2740
year/Baujahr: 2004
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 7210

ID2740 Komatsu WA65PT-3H year/Baujahr 2004 7210 hours/Stunden with hydr. Quick coupler, 3rd control circuit, 2 buckets, fork carriage and sweeper mit hydr. Schnellwechsler, 3.Steuerkreis, 2 Schaufeln, Gabelträger und Kehrmaschine

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Hyster H3.00XL – Forklift / Gabelstapler

ID: 2734
year/Baujahr: 1991
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 730
weight/Gewicht (t): 4,5 t

ID2734 Hyster H3.00XL year/Baujahr 1991 approx. 730 hours/Stunden 4,5 t Forklift, lifting height 3150 mm, load capacity up to 3 t, good condition Gabelstapler, Hubhöhe 3150 mm, Traglast bis zu 3 t, guter Zustand

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Volvo EC180 DL – excavator / Kettenbagger

ID: 2722
year/Baujahr: 2013
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 12880
weight/Gewicht (t): 19,5 t

ID2722 Volvo EC180 DL year/Baujahr 2013 approx. 12880 hours/Stunden 19,5 t Adjustable boom, 800 mm tracks, quick coupler, 2 backhoes Verstell-Ausleger, 800 mm Kettenplatten, Schnellwechsler, 2 Tieflöffel

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Powerscreen Warrior 2100 – Mobile screening plant / Mobile Siebanlage

ID: 2719
year/Baujahr: 2017
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 1400
weight/Gewicht (t): 35 t

ID2719 Powerscreen Warrior 2100 year/Baujahr 2017 approx. 1400 hours/Stunden 35 t Mobile screening plant, 2-deck screen, apron feeder, good condition Mobile Siebanlage, 2-Deck-Sieb, Plattenbandaufgeber, guter Zustand

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Volvo L90E – wheel loader / Radlader

ID: 2716
year/Baujahr: 2006
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 19400

ID2716 Volvo L90E year/Baujahr 2006 19400 hours/Stunden 2.5 cbm bucket with cutting edge, air conditioning, central lubrication, BSS, extra work lights, hydr. Quick coupler, 3rd and 4th hydraulic circuit, CDC steering, Pfreundt scales, tyres approx. 90/40 % good, in December …

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Vögele S-1803-2 – Asphalt finisher / Strassenfertiger

ID: 2715
year/Baujahr: 2006
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 11060

ID2715 Vögele S-1803-2 year/Baujahr 2006 approx. 11060 hours/Stunden Road finisher, screed AB500 TV (2.55 – 5.0m), with additional parts (2 x 0,75 m), with levelling device, ready for use Straßenfertiger, Bohle AB500 TV (2,55 – 5,0m), mit Verbreiterungen (2 x …

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Feed hopper including discharge chute and conveyor belt / Aufgabetrichter inkl. Abzugsrinne und Förderband

ID: 2713

ID2713 Aufgabetrichter inkl. Abzugsrinne und Förderband Feed hopper including discharge chute and conveyor belt Feed hopper including discharge chute and conveyor belt, (1400 mm wide, approx. 110 m long), some straps are still available on a roll Aufgabetrichter inkl. Abzugsrinne …

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Indeco ABF 7000 – Hydraulik-Hammer

ID: 2712
year/Baujahr: 2019

ID2712 Indeco Hydraulik-Hammer ABF 7000 Year/Baujahr: 2019 no defects, keine Defekte

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