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Vögele Typ SB300 TP2 – screed / Bohle

ID: 2428
year/Baujahr: 1999
weight/Gewicht (t): 11 t

ID2428 Vögele HV-BOHLE Typ SB300 TP2 year/Baujahr 1999 11 t HV screed Vögele type SB300 TP2, basic width 3.0 m; Total width 12.50 m; (2 sets of extensions = 4 pieces each 1.50m; 1 set of extensions = 2 pieces …

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Hazemag AP-SA1010Q – Impact mill / Prallmühle

ID: 2426
year/Baujahr: 2006

ID2426 Hazemag AP-SA1010Q year/Baujahr 2006 Impact mill, output approx. 100t/h, feed grain size 22-100 mm, 90 kW, rotor 1 m Prallmühle, Leistung ca. 100t/h, Aufgabekörnung 22-100 mm, 90 kW, Rotor 1 m

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Hütte HBR203 – Small drilling rig / Klein-Bohrgerät

ID: 2425
year/Baujahr: 2012
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 2580

ID2425 Hütte HBR203 year/Baujahr 2012 approx. 2580 hours/Stunden Small drilling rig, with power pack Hütte PPD110 mobile on chassis, telescopic undercarriage, drill carriage type Hütte DM 180 with telescopic feed cylinder, hydraulic hammer type Krupp HB 45A, cable winch type …

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Delmag 2513 – Drilling Rig / Drehbohrgerät

ID: 2423
year/Baujahr: 1995

ID2423 Delmag 2513 year/Baujahr 1995 Drilling table with 3 drives (torque 32 t), Kelly bar 3/27, with accessories (full displacement drill pipe diameter 420 mm with Fundex tips, approx. 20 m 620 pipes with pressure pipe, drilling bucket and auger, …

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Böhler DTC122 – Blasthole drilling machine / Sprenglochbohrgerät

ID: 2421
year/Baujahr: 1995
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 7500

ID2421 Böhler DTC122 year/Baujahr 1995 approx. 7500 hours/Stunden Blasthole drilling machine, drive motor hours: approx. 7500, compressor motor hours: approx. 6000, with dust extraction, with magazine, with drill rods (approx. 15-20 rods), with drill bit Sprenglochbohrgerät, Antriebsmotor-Stunden: ca. 7500, Kompressor-Motor-Stunden: …

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MAN TGA26.430 – Truck three-way tipper with crane / Dreiseitenkipper mit Kran

ID: 2422
year/Baujahr: 2005
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 920.000

ID2422 MAN TGA26.430 year/Baujahr 2005 ca. 920.000 Km Truck three-way tipper – 6×4, 3 axles, H-gearshift (manual), with loading crane Palfinger PK16502 with remote control LKW Dreiseiten-Kipper – 6×4, 3 Achser, H-Schaltung (Manuel), mit Ladekran Palfinger PK16502 mit Fernbedienung

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Kobelco SK300 NLC-10 with Movax SG75V piledriver / Rüttler

ID: 2420
year/Baujahr: 2020
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 650

ID2420 Kobelco SK300 NLC-10 with Movax SG75V piledriver year/Baujahr 2020 approx. 650 hours/Stunden 32 t Adjustable boom, steel chains with rubber coating, central lubrication system, cabin comfort package, additional pipe rupture protection, optionally with Movax SG 75V (year of construction …

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MAN TGS 26.480 – hook lift truck / Abrollkipper

ID: 2419
year/Baujahr: 2008
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 338.500 Km

ID2419 MAN TGS 26.480 year/Baujahr 2008 approx. 338.500 Km Hook lift truck, Double H gear-shift (manual), retarder, air conditioning, 2 beds in the cabin, Palfinger hook lift, TÜV new, trailer coupling up to 40 t trailer load Palfinger Knick-Abroller, Doppel …

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Ditch Witch JT2720 Mach1 – Horizontal drilling rig / Horizontal-Bohranlage

ID: 2416
year/Baujahr: 2001
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 9880
weight/Gewicht (t): 9,2 t

ID2416 Ditch Witch JT2720 Mach1 year/Baujahr 2001 approx. 9880 hours/Stunden 9,2 t Horizontal drilling rig, with 100 m rods with box Horizontal-Bohranlage, mit 100 m Gestänge mit Box

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Caterpillar 323 – excavator / Kettenbagger

ID: 2414
year/Baujahr: 2019
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 1800
weight/Gewicht (t): 24 t

ID2414 Caterpillar 323 year/Baujahr 2019 approx. 1800 hours/Stunden 24 t Mono boom, 600 mm tracks, central lubrication, air conditioning, Oilquick OQ70 / 55, cabin protective grille, 1 bucket, full-service machine Mono-Ausleger, 600 mm Kettenplatten, Zentralschmierung, Klima, Oilquick OQ70/55, Kabinen-Schutzgitter, 1 …

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Caterpillar 966M – wheel loader / Radlader

ID: 2412
year/Baujahr: 2012
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 13940

ID2412 Caterpillar 966M year/Baujahr 2012 approx. 13940 hours/Stunden bucket with cutting edge, tires approx. 20 % good Schaufel mit Schneide, Reifen ca. 20% gut

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Techmo TM160 SC-B – Rock saw on crawler chassis / Felssäge auf Raupenfahrwerk

ID: 2055
year/Baujahr: 2005
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 2800
weight/Gewicht (t): 12 t

ID2055 Techmo TM160 SC-B year/Baujahr  2005 approx. 2790/1860 hours/Stunde 12 t Rock saw on crawler chassis, approx. 2790 engine hours / approx. 1860 sawing hours, Deutz F6L914 engine, with telescopic boom, with swivel and tilting device, with 360 ° rollover, …

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Komatsu PC80 – excavator / Kettenbagger

ID: 2408
year/Baujahr: 2017
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 1450
weight/Gewicht (t): 8 t

ID2408 Komatsu PC80 year/Baujahr 2017 approx. 1450 hours/Stunden 8 t Mono boom, with blade, with rubber tracks, with MS08 quick coupler, with 2 grapples, rigid trench bucket, swiveling trench bucket, 40 cm & 80 cm digging bucket Mono-Ausleger, mit Schild, …

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Gravel washing and sorting plant / Kies Wasch- u. Sortieranlage

ID: 2407
year/Baujahr: 1995

ID2407 Gravel washing and sorting plant year/Baujahr 1995 Gravel washing and sorting plant (capacity approx. 200-220 t / h), system is galvanized, feed belt 70 m (800 mm belt width), with sand classifier for special sand (with Syscom control, year …

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Gravel washing and sorting plant / Kies Wasch- u. Sortieranlage

ID: 2406
year/Baujahr: 1995

ID2406 Gravel washing and sorting plant year/Baujahr 1995 Gravel washing and sorting plant (capacity approx. 110 t/h), with 40 cbm feed bunker with oversized grain grate, with 2-deck screening system with shower, with double-shaft sword washing SBM (built in 2005) …

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