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Nordberg VB-12 10 – jaw crusher / Backenbrecher

ID: 2328
year/Baujahr: 1993

ID2328 Nordberg VB-12 10 year/Baujahr 1993 Nordberg single toggle jaw crusher, with electric motor 160 KW, with steel frame, push carriage feeder, 2-deck pre-screen 0/90 and 0/20, with control (with soft start) Nordberg Einschwingen-Backenbrecher, mit E-Motor 160 KW, mit Stahlgestell, …

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Goodwin Goliath 42×24 – mobile jaw crusher / mobiler Backenbrecher

ID: 2294
year/Baujahr: 1991
weight/Gewicht (t): 45 t

ID2294 Goodwin Goliath 42×24 year/Baujahr 1991 45 t Jaw crusher on a semi-trailer chassis, single toggle jaw crusher, feeding opening 1,065 x 610 mm, 12t material bunker, vibration chute, Caterpillar diesel engine type 3.306 DI-T, output approx. 220 t / …

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Rainer Kleemann Jaw Crusher 600 x 350, type SSTR 600 – Backenbrecher

ID: 1544

D1544 Rainer Kleemann Jaw Crusher 600 x 350, type SSTR 600 Jaw crusher 600 x 350 mm, single toggle, with electric motor 45 KW Backenbrecher 600 x 350 mm, Einschwingen-Brecher, mit Elektromotor 45 KW

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Esch 1250 x 1050 mm – Jaw Crusher / Backenbrecher

ID: 2133
weight/Gewicht (t): 85 t

ID2133 Esch Jaw Crusher 1250 x 1050 mm 85 t Jaw crusher, double toggle lever, opening 1250 x 1050 mm, with electric motor, bearing for swing arm has been renewed in 2019, ready for use Backenbrecher, Doppelkniehebel, Öffnung 1250 x …

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Kleemann Mobirex MR130R (EVO) – mobile Impact crusher / mobile Prallmühle

ID: 2117
year/Baujahr: 2012
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 3000

ID2117 Kleemann Mobirex MR130R (EVO) year/Baujahr 2012 approx. 3000 hours/Stunden Impact crusher on tracks, with magnetic separator, remote control, pre-screening, crusher inlet approx. 1300 x 900 mm Kettenmobile Prallmühle, mit Magnetabscheider, Fernsteuerung, Vorabsiebung, Brecher Einlauf ca. 1300 x 900 mm

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Kleemann Mobirex MR110 Z EVO – mobile Impact crusher / mobiler Prallbrecher

ID: 2060
year/Baujahr: 2011
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 2830/3760

ID2060 Kleemann Mobirex MR110 Z EVO year/Baujahr 2011 approx.  hours/Stunden 2830/3760 Impact mill on crawler chassis, feed rate up to 350 t / h, breaker hours: 2830, total running hours 3760, feed hopper, 2-deck pre-screening, side belt (unused), impact crusher …

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SBM Remax 1048 E/D – Impact crusher / Prallmühle

ID: 2011
year/Baujahr: 2000
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 4000

ID2011 SBM Remax 1048 E/D – Prallmühle year/Baujahr 2000 approx. 4000 hours/Stunden 33 t Track mobile impact mill, 1060 x 760 mm, with fixed dolly, completely overhauled in 2015 (new engine, new generator, new hydraulics – since then run approx. …

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Svedala Arbra – Cone crusher / Kegelbrecher

ID: 1953
year/Baujahr: ca. 1975

ID1953 Svedala Arbra Cone crusher year/Baujahr approx. 1975 Cone crusher, cone diameter 1250 mm, mouth width 400 mm, with electric motor (200 KW), with hydraulics Kegelbrecher, Kegeldurchmesser 1250 mm, Maulweite 400 mm, mit E-Motor (200 KW), Hydraulik

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Klemman 600x 350 mm – Jaw crusher / Backenbrecher

ID: 1951

ID1951 Klemman Jaw crusher 600x 350 mm type SSTB Jaw crusher, Type SSTB 600, ca. 600 x 350 mm opening, with E-Motor Backen-Brecher, Typ SSTB 600, ca. 600 x 350 mm Einlauföffnung, mit Elektro-Motor

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David 75 N – Vertical crusher / Vertikalbrecher

ID: 1058
year/Baujahr: 1994

ID1058 David 75 N year/Baujahr 1994 Vertical crusher, with steel frame, wearing parts 50 % good, Rotor worn out, with spare parts (1 open rotor & 1 closed rotor) Vertikalbrecher (Prallmühle), mit Stahlbau, Verschleißteile ca. 50 % gut, Rotor verschlissen, …

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Thoma – asphalt crusher / Asphaltbrecher

ID: 1939
year/Baujahr: 1997

ID1939 Thoma asphalt crusher year/Baujahr 1997 2 pieces, Thoma asphalt crusher, crusher and shredder for broken asphalt, motor 75 kW, with hydraulic feed in the hopper, hopper with hydraulic pressure device, milling shaft armored, output 75 t/h, for granulating of …

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MFL Liezen RCJ 1080 x 800 mm – mobile jaw crusher / mobiler Backenbrecher

ID: 1776
year/Baujahr: 1988
weight/Gewicht (t): 45 t

ID1776 MFL Liezen RCJ 1080 x 800 mm 45 t Jaw crusher on 3-axle trailer, single toggle jaw crusher, opening 1080 x 800 mm, Mercedes engine OM355 (280 hp), with magnetic separator, with discharge belt (new belt will be made) …

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SBM V10 – vertical crusher / Vertikalbrecher

ID: 1764

ID1764 SBM V10 Vertical crusher, in need of repair, but ready for operation, with newly regenerated replacement rotor and additionally two rotor bodies Vertikal-Brecher, reparaturbedürftig, aber funktionsbereit, mit neu regeneriertem Ersatz Rotor und zusätzlich zwei Rotorkörper

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Ratzinger Jaw crusher 300×240 mm – Jaw crusher / Backenbrecher

ID: 1688

Jaw crusher 300 x 240 mm, with e-motor Backenbrecher 300 x 240 mm, mit Motor

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Keestrack Destroyer 1313 – mobile Impact crusher / mobile Prallmühle

ID: 1564
year/Baujahr: 2014
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 3000
weight/Gewicht (t): 56

Keestrack Destroyer 1313 Impact crusher with 2-deck pre-screen, main output conveyor, Cummins engine (399 KW), with central greasing, water pump for dedusting, fuel pump, with magnet, rescreening unit with oversize grain return, oversize and fine and middle grain conveyor, side …

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