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Krupp Cubria 90 – Cone crusher / Kegelbrecher

ID: 2697

ID2697 Krupp Cubria 90 Cone crusher, steel frame, electric motor, hydraulic unit, control unit Kegelbrecher, Stahlgestell, E-Motor, Hydraulikeinheit, Steuerung

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Krupp Symons – cone crusher / Kegelbrecher

ID: 2470

ID2470 Krupp Symons – cone crusher cone crusher, with e-motor Kegelbrecher mit E-Motor

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Svedala Arbra – Cone crusher / Kegelbrecher

ID: 1953
year/Baujahr: ca. 1975

ID1953 Svedala Arbra Cone crusher year/Baujahr approx. 1975 Cone crusher, cone diameter 1250 mm, mouth width 400 mm, with electric motor (200 KW), with hydraulics Kegelbrecher, Kegeldurchmesser 1250 mm, Maulweite 400 mm, mit E-Motor (200 KW), Hydraulik

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