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Wirtgen WR2000 – Asphalt Recycler / Asphalt milling machine

ID: 2597
year/Baujahr: 2012
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 9150
weight/Gewicht (t): 23 t

ID2597 Wirtgen WR2000 year/Baujahr 2012 9150 hours/Stunden 23 t Recycler, engine Mercedes OM460 LA (315 KW/428PS) – Tier3a, rotor housing with hydr. adjustable crusher bar at the front, milling drum width 2000 mm, equipped with round shaft chisel, line spacing …

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Wirtgen W35 DC – Asphalt milling machine / Asphaltfräse

ID: 2564
year/Baujahr: 2005
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 5500
weight/Gewicht (t): 4,5 t

ID2564 Wirtgen W35 DC year/Baujahr 2005 approx. 5500 hours/Stunden 4,5 t Asphalt milling machine, 500 mm milling drum, with conveyor belt, without roof Asphaltfräse, 500 mm Frästrommel, mit Förderband, ohne Dach

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Dynapac (Atlas Copco) SD2500 CS – Asphalt paver / Strassenfertiger

ID: 2433
year/Baujahr: 2015
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 3600
weight/Gewicht (t): 19 t

ID2433 Dynapac (Atlas Copco) SD2500 CS year/Baujahr 2015 3600 hours/Stunden 19 t Asphalt paver, Bohle V6000 TV/3 – hydr. 3.0-6.0 m (gas heated), automatic leveling Straßenfertiger, Bohle V6000 TV/3 – hydr. 3,0-6,0 m (gasbeheizt), Nivellierautomatik

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Demag DF45 C – Asphalt paver / Asphaltfertiger

ID: 1955
year/Baujahr: 2002
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 4625

ID1955 Demag DF45 C year/Baujahr 2002 4625 hours/Stunden Asphalt paver, engine 30 KW, with levelling device, screed hydr. widenable 1,2 – 2,4 m, with additional parts up to 3,1 m Asphaltfertiger, Motor 30 KW, mit Nivellierautomatik, Bohle hydr. verstellbar von …

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Thoma – asphalt crusher / Asphaltbrecher

ID: 1939
year/Baujahr: 1997

ID1939 Thoma asphalt crusher year/Baujahr 1997 2 pieces, Thoma asphalt crusher, crusher and shredder for broken asphalt, motor 75 kW, with hydraulic feed in the hopper, hopper with hydraulic pressure device, milling shaft armored, output 75 t/h, for granulating of …

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