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Krupp Symons – cone crusher / Kegelbrecher

ID: 2470

ID2470 Krupp Symons – cone crusher cone crusher, with e-motor Kegelbrecher mit E-Motor

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Krupp Symons Kegelgranulator Nr.III – Cone crusher / Kegelbrecher

ID: 2427

ID2427 Krupp Symons Kegelgranulator Nr.III 2 pieces of dismantled (incomplete) cone crushers including the oil tanks and the set of unused crushing tools, the main axes of the cone carriers have broken off 2 Stück zerlegte (unvollständige) Kegelbrecher inklusive der …

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Permanentlink zu diesem Beitrag: https://www.bosch-baumaschinen.de/krupp-symons-kegelgranulator-nr-iii-cone-crusher-kegelbrecher/