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Ratzinger TW30 – trough washing machine incl. Cyclon / Trogwaschmaschine inkl. Zyklon

ID: 2755
year/Baujahr: 1978

ID2755 Ratzinger TW30 incl. Cyclon year/Baujahr 1978 14 t Ratzinger trough washing machine TW30 incl. cyclone system, with pre-screening, feed hopper, ascending belt and steel construction. The two stockpile conveyors, controls and fresh water pump are not included. TW 30 …

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Jaw crusher Ratzinger B70/60 with Impcat crusher 1000 mm rotor diameter

ID: 2536/2537

ID2536 Ratzinger B70/60 13 t Pre-crushing plant, Ratzinger jaw crusher 700×600 mm, with feed hopper, grate feeder, electric motor, including spare plates Vorbrechanlage, Backenbrecher Ratzinger 700×600 mm, mit Aufgabetrichter, Schubrostaufgeber, E-Motor, inkl. Reservere-Platten with Impcat crusher 1000 rotor diameter Impact …

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Ratzinger Jaw crusher 300×240 mm – Jaw crusher / Backenbrecher

ID: 1688

Jaw crusher 300 x 240 mm, with e-motor Backenbrecher 300 x 240 mm, mit Motor

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Ratzinger RC12/G – Impact cruhser / Prallmühle

ID: 1119
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 1993
weight/Gewicht (t): ca. 30 t

Impact cruhser skid mobile, Rotor 1100 mm, opening 1220 x 900 mm, capacity up to 200 t/h, with magnet, wear parts approx. 50% good, E-Motor 110 KW, optional with 450 KVA electric aggregate Prallmühle kufenmobil, Rotor 1100mm, Einwurf 1220 x …

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Ratzinger 600 x 300mm – Jaw Crusher / Backenbrecher

ID: 0096

Ratzinger Jaw Crusher 600×300 mm with new jaws, with steel frame, 2 extra sets of new Jaws, new painted

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