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MAN 510 KVA – Electric generator / Stromgenerator

ID: 2884

ID2884 MAN 510 KVA Electric generator Generator, 510 kVA generator, engine D2842 LE21, the system only has a small switch cabinet for engine monitoring without a power section, 500 liter tank, with exhaust Stromaggregat, 510 kVA Generator, Motor D2842 LE21, …

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GSA 850 KVA – Electric generator / Stromaggregat

ID: 2883
year/Baujahr: 2005
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 75

ID2883 GSA 850 KVA Electric generator year/Baujahr 2005 approx. 75 hours/Stunden (accord. Counter) Generator in 40 ft container, with 750 l diesel tank and complete control cabinet (including wiring diagrams). According to sticker year 2005, engine year 2000, Operating hours …

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Vaupel 954 kVA – electric aggregate / Stromaggregate

ID: 2341
year/Baujahr: 1979

ID2341 Vaupel 954 kVA year/Baujahr 1979 Power generator, with 16-cylinder V-engine Cummins, with tank, with control panel, completely built into a container, ready for use Stromgenerator, mit 16-Zylinder V-Motor Cummins, mit Tank, mit Schalttafel, komplett in Container eingebaut, einsatzbereit

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Kalmar ECD70-6 – Electric fork lift / Elektro-Stapler

ID: 2021
year/Baujahr: 1999
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 4500

ID2021 Kalmar ECD70-6 year/Baujahr 1999 approx. 4500  hours/Stunden Electric forklift, payload 7000 kg, lifting height 4000 mm, sideshift, battery was renewed 2 years ago Elektro-Stapler, Traglast 7000 Kg, Hubhöhe 4000 mm, Seitenschieber, Akku wurde vor 2 Jahren erneuert

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MWM 140 KVA – Electric generator / Stromgenerator

ID: 1658
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 50

140 KVA  electric generator, 8-cylinder MWM engine TD232-8, with radiator, with exhaust, without controls 140 KVA Stromaggregat, 8-Zylinder MWM Motor TD232-8, mit Kühler, mit Auspuff, ohne Steuerung

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MWM 350 KVA – Electric aggregate / Stromaggregat

ID: 1378

350 KVA Electric generator, was used as backup generator, engine MWM TBD232 V12, generator AvK, with cooler, without control unit 350 KVA Stromgenerator, war als Notstromaggregat eingesetzt, Motor MWM TBD232 V12, Generator AvK, mit Kühler, ohne Steuerung

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