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Putzmeister – concrete pump with e-motor / Betonpumpe mit E-Motor

ID: 2259

ID2259 Putzmeister concrete pumpe with e-motor concrete pump with e-motor, 2 pistons (100 mm piston, stroke approx. 1 meter) Betonpumpe mit E-Motor, 2 Kolben (100 mm Kolben, Hub ca. 1 Meter)

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Arbau Euro 80T – concrete mixing plant / Betonmischanlage

ID: 2169
year/Baujahr: approx. 1980

ID2169 Arbau Euro 80T year/Baujahr approx. 1980 Concrete mixing plant (star system), brand Arbau, type: Euro 80T with pocket distributor, 1.5 cbm mixer, output 65 cbm/h, 4 x cement silo, electrics, control and additive system renewed in 2012 Betonmischanlage (Sternanlage), …

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Pedershaab Multiflex – Plant for production of concrete pipes

ID: 2149

ID2149 Pedershaab Multiflex – Plant for the production of concrete pipes Plant for the production of concrete pipes, little used, with concrete feeder, with 10 jackets for 1m pipes, with 4 cores (300, 400, 500, 600 mm diameter) for 1m …

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Obermann MPR800 – concrete mixer / Betonmischer

ID: 1914
year/Baujahr: 2005
hours/Stunden/Kilometer: 6810
weight/Gewicht (t): 3,8 t

ID1914 Obermann MPR800 year/Baujahr 2005 approx. 6800 hours/Stunden 3,8 t Mixer, capacity 16 cbm / h at 20 cycles, 20.8 cbm / h at 26 cycles Mischer, Leistung 16 cbm/h bei 20 Zyklen, 20,8 cbm/h bei 26 Zyklen

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ORU – concrete mixing plant with silo / Betonmischer mit Silo

ID: 1759

Concrete mixing plant ORU with 500 l drum, semi-automatic with cement silo 20 to and scrapper, in need of repair Betonmischanlage ORU  mit 500 l Trommel, halbautomatisch mit Zementsilo 20 to und Schrapper, reparaturbedürftig

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Elba EMC105 – concrete mixing plant / Betonmischanlage

ID: 1497
year/Baujahr: 1992

Elba EMC105 concrete mixing plant, with 4 x silos (3 x 60 t, 1 x 50 t), with star-scraper system, feeder, 2 cbm single-shaft compulsory mixer (capacity up to 100 cbm / h), additive-, cement- and water balance, without compressor, …

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